• Hi there! My name is Tyler but you can call me Daker if you want. I have had a long lasting career in modded Minecraft and I enjoy being along with the community as a whole. I have been a part of many communities and I enjoy participating in events with other people. I am 17 and my IGN is DakerNightWalker and if there are players that play LOL then my IGN there is AsrieI Dreemur

  • Just realized that I did not mention which server but I want to join the FTB Presents Crackpack server please 🙂

  • Staff


    whitelisting here is for the community so you will be whitelisted on all current and future servers, so I just went ahead and did just that!
    Welcome to Stonebound and I hope to see you on the server soon 😉

  • Thanks man i appreciate it 🙂

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