Ragnarros & Azta

  • My Girlfriend and I have been playing minecraft together every since we've been together and I don't have the means to host one myself for us and I've tried public servers and the last one just left a sour taste in my mouth. They locked mod items behind donation ranks and stopped progression all together. I'm looking for a small nit group my girlfriend and I can really invest our time into and enjoy ourselves. We are very social and she's a great builder that loves helping people, I usually stick to the tech mods and try to help others the best I can. I'm 20 and she is 21. I found you guys when trying to find a smaller server that wouldn't screw us over. Thank you for your consideration my username is Ragnarros and her's is Azta.

  • Staff

    Hey you two,

    we maybe aren't the smallest group but I think you will have fun here regardless, there is no shop and no donation benefits besides our apppreciation. I went ahead and whitelisted you both, have fun and see you on the server!
    Welcome to Stonebound ;)

  • Thank you so much!

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