• Hello! My name is Brandon, but you can call me Frag. I am nineteen years old and live in Wisconsin. I work full time at a factory that produces office furniture in the shipping department. My working hours are from 2pm-10pm so my availability its limited to mostly nights during the week, but on weekends its fairly open. I found your community on the feed the beast forums under the posting of a crackpack server. I've been part of modded Minecraft for almost three years now and looking to continue my journey with the newly packs being released. I am fairly familiar with the tech side of modded Minecraft, but that doesn't mean I don't get into magic here and there. Magic mods aren't my expertise is all. That all being said I think I would make a great addition to the Stonebound community not only now, but for the long term. Minecraft is one of my favorite pass times and would love to make new friends and memories along side the Stonebound community.

  • Staff

    Hey Frag,

    I just whitelisted you, welcome to Stonebound!
    If you need help with magic stuff feel free to hit me up in chat or Teamspeak 😉
    See you on the server.

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