• IGN: directingsole70
    Age: 16
    I started really playing modded minecraft in 1.2.5 and fell in love with the tekkit modpack. I play minecraft mostly solo because I haven't really found a server with a good close-knit community. I enjoy playing with other people because I am fairly good at automating things but I lack in the aesthetics department but I can never find a good server with the community I want to be involved in. I'd really like it if you accepted me because I'm a friendly person and I generally work well with other people. I found this community just by looking in the server list for ftb infinity skyblock in the whitelisted section. I live in Kentucky.

  • Staff

    Hey there,

    I just whitelisted you, community on here is on and off depending how popular the current server is, but if you stick around for a while you will recognize a lot of people fast and you can have a great time. Keep in mind the Skyblock server just went offline 2-3 days ago, since it was pretty much dead after being online for 4 months. New server is opening up this friday, you can read the announcement here.

    See you on the server soon 😉

  • Thanks I can't wait to meet some new people. 😀

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