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    Hey everyone!
    I guess it might be the timezone, but the server feels very empty. And an empty server makes me less happy.
    I was wondering if some users (that have been around for a while) can get permission to whitelist. This way we can recruit more people from our own timezones.
    I for one would love to invite some people that are from EU timezones to get more people online.


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    We can talk about that, but I don't quite understand why you need white-list permissions for recruiting.
    Currently EU times covered by me and US times mostly by Graphika.
    I know we aren't always around so I was planning on adding some moderators anyway once the first 1.8 pack drops, but that's still a bit away and I'm in the progress of redoing all plugins for it, since there will be no more kCauldron and Sponge instead.

    Ignoring all of that, it will still be required for new members to sign up on the forums and make a thread, mainly for better organization and posting announcements.

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    Another question, as you can tell Nev and I have put numerous of tedious hours into our base.. Will the map transfer along? (with a mining world for things that changed?) Or is there a way we can transfer the base over? (Maybe as a donation perk :yum: )

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    Moved to a new modpack? no, mainly because it isn't really possible without tons of manual work
    I tried it with a previous build from one 1.7.10 pack to another and even that didn't really work out too well, I doubt it will be any better when moving from 1.7.10 to 1.8 and not only a different pack on the same version.

    If you were referencing this, that is for moving from 1.7.10 to 1.8 and doesn't apply to the current server and doesn't affect your build.

    I'm in the progress of redoing all plugins for it, since there will be no more kCauldron and Sponge instead.

    Don't worry to much, 1.8 is still a bit away no big tech mods have been ported yet and until then this server will be around and even after we get a new primary server this server will stay around as secondary since the current test server isn't counted as part of the rotation.

    About the current situation and getting more people online, I'll update the server in a bit and then post some advertisements in the usual places maybe that will get a few more people.

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    @phit Good to know! Thanks :D

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