• Hi, my names Paddy Miller and I'm 23 from the UK. I've never been banned from a server before. I used to play a lot of Minecraft when i was younger and then i discovered tekkit and fell in love. I've decided to download FTB as it is a new challenge for me and my friend Jordan (especially since we've both built new PC's!) My favorite mod is applied energistics 1, I seen that tthis pack has AE2 and cant wait to try it out! I am a team leader in the electronics industry (namely bespoke CCTV repair for trains) and I believe alot of mods in tekkit apply to real world electronics too! Also love to solve puzzles and interact with other players. I also love to program microcontrollers as a hobby as this allows me to interact with the electronics!! Hope to see you on the server pending application confirmation and happy gaming!

  • Staff

    Thank you for writing out a new application.
    While I have added you and your friend to the whitelist, please make sure to check out our server rules before joining our servers.
    Hope you enjoy playing with your buddy on our servers.

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