• Greetings! My name is Sadragos and I'm 32 years old from germany. I've been playing modded Minecraft forever - since the first version of tekkit to be precise. I love to automate all the things and then sit back and watch my creations do the work. I also like to build small machines to help out the community or to guide new players through complex mods like AE2, in which I have lots of experience.
    I enjoy playing toger with some nice people, which is why I went on looking for small(-ish) Servers. I found you on some page of google while looking for dorewolf20 1.16 Servers.
    I'd like to join your ranks and have good time with you.

  • Staff

    Heya, sorry for the wait! Looking forward to seeing your on the server, I've added you to the whitelist.

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