• Age: 29
    Country: United States (State: Ohio)
    How did you find us: Why through the create discord naturally. I want to see more of what others have done with it so this seems like a great way.
    Ban history: I have been banned from one server for temporarily banning another staff member for a week. He claimed someone had cheated in a game of T.T.T. and RDMed him. So the staff member slayed the player and then just left. In fact what happened was the player had helped me kill the staff member (we were on the other team.) after he made a slip and revealed himself. Sadly he was a friend of the owner and so got us both banned over this petty shit. Server went down a few weeks later as they lost most of their other good staff to more of the same. Sad, it was fun while it lasted though.

    As a minecraft player I like terraforming, redstone gadgets (aka workbench swappers, piston doors, player cannons, etc.) and just finding the weirdest terrain to build in. Been playing since alpha.
    Some other games I play are Fall Guys, SCP: Secret Labratory and Foxhole. Don't have much time to play other than weekends with my full time job making sandpaper but that's life.
    Look forward to seeing what others have come up with and showing off some of my own little setups and gadgets.
    I am also good at bug finding and could maybe help people fix and/or optimize their builds. I have done a lot of alpha/beta testing for many games over the years.
    Not sure what I would build. Right now I am thinking I want a fancy animated rabbit stew factory... That sounds like a terrifying (For the poor rabbits.) and challanging (For me.) project. We shall have to see.

  • Staff

    Heya, that sounds like every story of GMod ever, luckily those kind of servers usually die quickly, in any game really.
    Have fun checking out what others have built and adding your own creations, I've added you to the whitelist.
    Welcome to Stonebound, make sure to share some screenshots of your rabbit factory on Discord, would love to see that. They are so tricky to catch, stupid tiny hitboxes.

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