• Hello im SebKen,

    A Military Mechanic from Germany ^^,
    I was born in April 2003 in germany and im now 17
    I found your server trough the create discord and im amazed from the modpack because i didnt like modpacks that feel like a diffrent game this just feels like a expansion ^^.
    My hobbys are in Military History, Cars and electronics. In games im really efficency focused and try to maintain everything at the highest production rate and clean looks
    im very focused to help players ^^ . I work from 6am to 2 pm MESZ so im gonna be online a little much but not after 10pm because well i need to rest for my work. If you need a proove of age i can send you my idenfication per a Jpeg

    I hope i didnt bore you or anything and wish you a pleasant day

  • Staff

    Hallo Basti ^^
    Hope you have fun on the server, looking forward to seeing your high efficiency building.
    After going through all the required paperwork I can confirm you have acquired permit A38. Welcome to Stonebound ^^

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