• Country : The current county I reside in is the Unite States.
    Age: My age is twenty four years old.
    How You Found Us: A post on Reddit.
    Additional Information:
    One of my favorite mods in Minecraft is AW2 (Anicent Warefare 2) the reason cause it adds a lot of really unique structures to explore and how you can use the mod for low tech automation like with farmer.Another mod that I would consider a close to being first would be Advent of Ascension with the bosses and all the mobs they add to the game such as hell hound that makes the nether actually scary since for some reason the mob breaks graves or dose not leave one when it kills you. An interest I have was playing LOL for my college esports team.

  • Staff

    Heyo, what Reddit post was it? Haven't advertised on there in quite while!
    Hope you have fun playing in our community, I added you to our whitelist.

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