• Name: hiighgeek
    Age: 33
    Location: Somewhere on Earth .. no seriously tho outside of Chicago
    Found: Followed some friends here from a D&D server we all play on
    About Me: IDK what to tell you about me - my favorite thing in MC is exploring, I'm one of those people who will be like OH this is a good spot to settle down, and then I'll be like let me just look over here and see what's going on. I'm not very good at building or anything so I ususally somehow end up being that annoying rooommate who brings home WAY too much coal. At sometime I know for a fact you're gonna look at me and be like hey Ellie, where'd you get all this coal from and I'm just gonna smile.

    My biggest MC moment is when I knocked a friend into the lava after he found a diamond. Killed him and we lost the diamond. (It really was an accident but I get teased about this ALL the time sooooo...]

    Anyway HI! <insert the gif here of Eric Andre yelling LET MEEE INNNNNNNN>

    Edited to add - I've never lied about my age for a minecraft server, but I cannot confirm or deny if I've ever lied about my age - a lady doesn't reveal her secrets 😉

  • Staff

    So sorry for the wait, I added you to the whitelist. Have fun playing with your friends on our server.

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