• To Whom This May Concern,

    Hey! I'm Foggyflight, shortened to Foggy, and a friend of mine introduced this server to me over Discord as a way for us to play on a modded server, so I though I'd check it out. I'm 19 years old, currently living in the US, and looking for ways to be active during this global pandemic. If anyone's got suggestions, I'm all ears, because what I've got is vigorous toe tapping for Leg Day, and wiggling my arms to get them sore. I got into Minecraft years ago, when it was still $7 for an account, where I could run at 5fps on my old, shitty desktop. What a time to be alive. Now that I've got a better computer, I've gotten much more enjoyment out of the game, especially with the recent updates making aesthetic changes that look absolutely gorgeous.

  • Staff

    Hello, sorry for long the wait. Apparently all of us are super busy around here..
    I added you to the whitelist. Have fun playing with your friend.

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