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    @Dakras told me about the imminent All The Mods 5 server through Discord, and gave a glowing recommendation of the community.

    I've been playing Minecraft since infdev, just after stairs were added, and I've been playing modded almost the entire time, Vanilla holds no charm for me anymore because I've just played it too much.
    My favourite mod was Witchery, but the lack of updates has forced me to move on, I now swear by Better Portals and the equivalent mod in newer versions, waiting to go into the nether just isn't fun. I used to mod Minecraft, back when it was done by just editing the source and recompiling it, but come forge and other fanciness I didn't bother to learn. My hobby at the moment is modding a different game ~ Rain World, at one time I had written well over half the community mods for it, including an equivalent to NEI. I know pretty much all there is about bare C# and forms, as well as a good amount of C++, Beef, Python, and AutoHotKey.

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    Hey, sorry almost forgot about this one.
    Added you to our whitelist, hust in time for the server launch 😉

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