• I'm Ching, 17, and I found Stonebound through my friend Dakras' recommendation of the Kreation sever. I originally got into Minecraft through watching my cousin play it on her laptop. I installed it through ways that my younger self thought was morally sound, and only ever played in creative mode because survival terrified me. I played the console versions for years, and in 2016 I bought the PC version. I am a hobbyist level designer, and by that I mean I'm attracted to any game with a level editor such as Rain World. I also aspire to be a game dev. Some of my favorite mods are mods that are more subtle, like dynamic surroundings or any other mod that adds effects to the audio. I also adore Twilight Forest for its amazing visuals and fun progression, Tinkers' Construct for how customizable your weapons are making for more unique PvP and PvE scenarios, and Create for being an amazing and creative tech mod that manages to fit within the style of Minecraft. I also enjoy exploration mods for their new building blocks and usually unique discoveries adding more to the world.

  • Hey chungledonger, we should make a game together, message me on discord about it.

  • Staff

    Any map screenshots? I loved mapping and making my own levels in Hammer, was great back in CS:S/1.6 times, so much fun to mess around, so I'm curious what a hobby level designer can do today.
    Sadly there isnt't many modern games with community made maps anymore.
    Added you to the main whitelist. I'll see on the server on Friday!

  • @phit
    Here are two of Chings levels, they are quite talented.

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