• aka Dargin (like Dargino but without the o)
    18y/o from NSW, Australia.
    Never been banned from any server.

    Found Stonebound through Create and the modpack that includes it, Kreation. I primarily want to play on Kreation's server but might like to check out other pack servers as they arrive.

    I rediscovered the Create mod about a week ago, and have been enjoying singleplayer. Since playing with others is pretty much always more fun than alone, I poked around around and looked for a pack to play with a community, and found Kreation, so here I am.

    I mostly enjoy the technical aspects of mods like Create, and like to build machines to do stuff, rather than making fancy buildings and artwork. Though, sometimes I like to pretend that I can build stuff properly often with disastrous consequences.

    I have a bit of experience playing modpack servers in the past, so I can try and minimise lag and keep my performance footprint down if needed (not sure how important that is, yet, but some modpack servers get very laggy (lookin at you, Antimatter Chemistry)).

    Fingers crossed?

  • Staff

    Heya, thank you for your interest!
    I added you to our whitelist, have fun on Kreation. As Create also just got the 1.15 update, you can expect a new server for that soon.

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