• Hi all,

    I'm wowowow0w (or wow I guess is a lot easier haha). I'm 21, from Scotland in the UK. I was looking about for a new server and modpack to play with, and happened to find out about your server when I found the Kreation modpack. I've personally never had any bans on servers before, been a part of several communities in the past helping to mod them etc. Never lied about my age either.

    I personally started playing Minecraft back in Beta at 1.3 or so? I was a huge player back then, and just recently after a big hiatus of playing, I've picked up modded minecraft again and am loving it. I've played modded MC on and off for the past few years, and have got a pretty good understanding of a lot of the technical mods used in packs. I've personally always loved messing around with automation and making a working base/factory in modded minecraft, and the mods in Kreation seem to fit that sort of aesthetic. I've always been a big fan of Immersive Engineering, I love the big multiblocks, the unique designs and the work it seems to require to set everything up with wires etc.

    I'm a university student at the moment. I'm studying Computer Science, it's a lot of fun and is a passion of mine. Outside of all of this, I usually enjoy going out on hikes/walks, cycling and generally just chilling out with friends and family. I'm a bit of a film watcher too, and love keeping up with films coming out and trying to watch them. I'm a pretty relaxed person, and generally I'm in the mood for whatever.

    Not sure if there is anything else you'd all like to know, but I hope this will suffice. Hope to be able to play with you all soon and get to know the community.


  • Staff

    Heya, what was your favorite movie in the last year? Any must watch for someone that doesn't really keep up with releases?
    I added you to our whitelist, have fun on Kreation and welcome to Stonebound.

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