• Hi!
    I'm 19 y/o and from Norway. I have never been banned from anything or lied about my age.

    I found Stonebound through the Create mod community on discord, and I'm applying primarily to join the official Kreation server. It has a lot of my favorite mods, including Create (of course), Immersive engineering and Botania. I'm also interested the mods I haven't tried before, such as Tetra and Druidcraft. I am glad however, that the whitelist translates to other servers, so that I can potentially join anything I find interesting in the future.

    I have played minecraft for over 7 years now, but I've never been part of a whitelisted server like this before. I like both the technical and the building apsect of the game, and recently I have been involved in the Create discord sharing my own contraptions and having discussions with other players. And for those reasons, I think Stonebound will be perfect a perfect fit for me. I like being a part of, and contributing to a community, sharing and discussing ideas, and helping newer players. I am very interested in programming and I have made a few simple browser games in JS. One of my favorite parts about programming to me is finding a simple and elegant solution to a problem after hours of not getting something to work.

    Anyway, thanks for reading my application. I hope to join your servers soon :slight_smile:

  • Staff

    Heya, sorry for the wait.
    I added you to our whitelist now, have fun playing on Kreation and I look forward to maybe seeing you on other servers in the future!

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