• Age: 19
    Country: Germany
    Found: the Create Discord
    Bans: no bans
    Info: Hey I'm Dirli01 or as most of my friends say "Dirli". I started playing Minecraft since 1.3 and have enjoyed plaing ever since. I played a fair amount Vanilla but after a while it grew stale, so I picked up some modpacks about 2 years ago and never regretted this change of paste. If i dont play MC I usually play League of Legends or more calm 2D-plattformers (mostly Celeste) . IRL, I'm studying electical engineering in my second semester.
    I usually have no trouble playing with new people, as different modpacks have different servers, and am always delighted to make new friends.
    I hope I get accepted and I am looking forward to be joining your community as I ran out of ideas of stuff to put here.

    Stay safe and have a wonderful day

    PS: I would really appreciate if you would accept my friend as well, his tag is "B12Best012". He'll send his application tomorrow as it is getting kinda late.

  • Staff

    Hey, sorry for the wait. I've added you to our whitelist. Welcome to Stonebound and have fun playing on our servers.

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