• Age: 17
    Country: United States
    How I Found Stonebound: Through the official Create Discord, both through people mentioning the pack "Kreation", and more recently through the Discord Invite for Stonebound.
    Bans: None to my current knowledge from any servers, whether temporary or permanent.

    Info: Hello, my name is ForgottenGamer77, or as most people call me "Forgotten". I've been playing Minecraft since around 1.0, give or take a year. I've since grown bored of the vanilla aspects, safe for the Redstone parts of it, and I've always been intrigued in the technical functions of it. I've since played modded version of the game, and have taken a light interest to mods like Botania, Blood Magic, and the Thaumcraft 4 and Thaumcraft 5 versions. Since then, I've been interested in servers like these and...well, idk what else to say/add on. I'll just leave it here for now.

    Until then, farewell. -ForgottenG77

  • Staff

    Heya, enjoy playing with Create on our server, just added you to our whitelist.

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