• Age: 20
    Country: DK
    Found: found you trough the Create discord server
    Bans: haven't been banned before
    Info: Hi I'm Danishboi or as people call me Danish, and have been playing the game since before the release of the game and when I saw yogscast play the game while they were making the Jaffa factory series, which got playing modded Minecraft ever since. I play only modded when I play Minecraft and when I don't play Minecraft I play LoL or Factorio.
    Normally I don't have any issues playing with new people and are always happy to meet new ones.
    Don't know what else to put here so I hope to be accepted and I hope you have a great day! ❤️

  • Staff

    Hello Neighbor, sorry for the wait.
    I added you to our whitelist, have fun on the server and welcome to Stonebound!

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