• Hi there.
    Me and my friends are looking for infitech 2 server. We have played on official server but not for long cuz of lags. We all are 20+ so you can be sure that we admit rule of 16+ community. We wanna play our own style, improving in tech mods and talking with each others. We respect other players and never touching things that dont belong to us. Griefing is not what we look for.
    If possible i wanna you add us together in whitelist so that we dont have to make 3 topics for this.
    My nickname is jackolantern108
    My friends: sn00zr, spunition
    PS we are from Russia. We found server here: http://forum.feed-the-beast.com/servers/infitech-2-stonebound-community-24-7-teamspeak-16.2088/
    Thank you!

  • Staff

    while we do not mind you all applying together, I would still like you to write a bit about yourselves. Your friends can write their own thing and you can post it here, though I would prefer if they make their own forum account to post.

  • Hello. My name is Michael. I'm 22 years old. I play Minecraft for 2 years, modded mainly. Come here to play with my friends and wish you add me in whitelist. My minecraft nickname is spunition

  • Hi there. My nickname is Sn00zr, as u see... I will be glad if you add us to whitelist. I'm 21 year old. Playing modded minecraft about year, but only month on this modpack (Infitech i mean). So...hope on applying and good game for all of us.

  • Staff

    Thank you, I just went ahead and whitelisted you all!
    Welcome to Stonebound, have fun on the server 😉

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