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    I'm Christophe (Deep_forest in game), I'm 28y and coming from Belgium. I'm quiete busy during the week and the weekend but I enjoy during my free time to play some games (such as minecraft - incredible is'nt it ? :P - LoL, Wakfu and Uncharted waters). Usually I'm playing on french server as it is my native language, but the last servers on which I played all closed one after each others. So I'm trying English Server and hoping to find servers that laste longer than in France ;). I found your server on and take a look on your forum and the spirit seems to fit what I desire for a Minecraft Server :).
    Why should you accept me ... A good question ! I'm an esay person to play with and have played on different servers (firstly vanilla, then on modded one such as ultimate and gregtech) since 10 years. I like to discover new minecraft feature and share with other my discoveries and understanding of the game. I won't be a very active player as I don't have much free time but when I'm connected I ll be good company and always be keen to help the other.

    Waiting news from your part and tell me if you have any questions :)

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    sorry for the long wait, I just went ahead and whitelisted you.
    Welcome to the Stonebound Community, see you on the server soon!

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