• Age: 40
    Current country: USA
    Discovered: Googled "antimatter chemistry servers", this was a result.
    History of bans: None
    Lying about age: Who would lie about being this old?! XD
    Profile: I was born in 1979 (and have the driver's license and gray hairs to prove it). I graduated high school in 1997. I have two older sisters and an older brother. I have a wife and a full-time job. I promise I'm as old as I say I am! I actually got into Minecraft WAAAAY back in the day, when the official chat channel was #minecraft (little known fact - I've been playing so long that ez herself upgraded my account to Paid for HER birthday back in November of like 2010, because there was going to be an update that was going to remove the ability to play on a client without it - previously you could play a limited Creative version in the browser). I enjoy most tech mods and a few magic ones (though I hate Thaumcraft with a passion). I actually had been playing Antimatter Chemistry alone for a while, decided it might be more fun with more people, so I looked for a server and here I am.

  • Staff

    Heya, so sorry for the wait. It's been kinda slow here with everyone being busy with work..
    Anyway, I added you to the whitelist. You probably already found a different server, but we do send out emails when we launch our next server. So you are always welcome to join all our current and future servers!

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