• Hello everybody

    I was looking for a Antimatter Chemistry server and so I found you

    I am a 30 year old minecraft player from the littel Swiss
    I play over 7 Years Minecraft Vanilla and Modpack's
    My Buildings are not realy beautiful but almost with a lot of technology (zb Vanilla item sorting system)
    My ban and laying history??hmmm i know nothning from any ban's in any game's or server's
    My english is not the best but with google translate i think is enought

    Have a nice Day/Night and i hope to see you in game
    mfg Bitbeisser

  • Staff

    Heya, sorry for the long wait. It's been kinda slow here with everyone being busy with work..
    I added you to the whitelist. You probably already found a different server, but we do send out emails when we launch our next server. So you are always welcome to join all our current and future servers!
    Grüße ausm Norden 😉

  • thanks for accepting

    hmmm i try it 2 join but i can't


    Grüsse in den Norden zurück XD

  • Helper

    we are currently running a older version of the pack, version 1.2.26 rather than the latest version which is 1.2.28

  • uff rly so a stupid fail from me 😲
    ty for fast help i try 2 download the older version

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