• Hey so i already created an application already for the server, and i just dont think my application was viewed fairly. ive had a couple bans on record and i explained why. and as i stated that was quite some time ago, im just looking for a community to join that i dont have to worry about judging me for my past mistakes. i honestly believe that if you gave me a chance you would enjoy my company on the server. i like to know a good amount of the mods so that it allows me to teach and help other players who are lost or unsure what to do next. i avoid any conflict at any cost. it just doesn't seem okay to argue about silly things to me. so i prefer to stay away from it. and back on the subject of the bans. those were over 10 years ago and i haven't even been kicked from a server since. most misdemeanors go of you record in 5 years irl. if the actual court system feels the need to put a fair trial into play to allow people the second chance they need to start over. look im not trying to cause any trouble. i think you guys have an amazing server. and from what ive read your staff is pretty nice. its defiantly something ide like to become a part of if you will just give me a chance. and please consider the reason i was honest about my bans. i could have come on here and wrote what i thought you wanted to hear. but i thought you were looking for people who are honest and real. i told you about my bans as a sign that you can trust me to be honest. and if i cause even the slightest trouble you can ban me on the spot. ill read the rules carefully and make sure to honor every one. i will pay attention to updates on banned items. ect. i dont plan to be any kind of neucence. ide just like to make some friends and explore a new mod. sincerely ManOfSteeel.

    ps: i hope you will honestly reconsider my application. if you decline again i understand. i wont bother you again and ill be on my way...

  • Staff

    Thank you for your interest in our server, and sorry for the delayed responses.
    I have decided to re-evaluate your application and will respond back to you within 24 hours after having had the chance to talk to our staff team. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

  • @phit i appreciate the chance and will be looking forward to hearing from you!

  • Helper


    Hey, I'm sort of hijacking phit here but I feel like I should own up to my own mistake so I'm responding to you personally. I won't defend myself but I will try to explain my reasoning, so I hope you can understand where I messed up.

    Your original application was a bit odd, because half of it was defending an old ban. This is not unusual in and of itself and I would have gone ahead and whitelisted you. I however found a topic while looking up your username that I'll link here for transparancy. Now, you might notice that they are called ManOfSteel not ManOfSteeel, this combined with the topic seeming to line up somewhat with what you told in your original application made me question the situation and decline it.

    When dealing with declined applications it is our policy to not respond to them. As such we ignored the original clarification. When you decided to create this topic, in a calm and thoughtful way we noticed it. Because it shows you would definitely be a good fit in our little community and made the situation even stranger. Another staff member looked at the link I send and missed the name difference as well, luckily phit did notice.

    I'd like to give you a sincere apology for my mistake, if an opportunity arises I'd like to make it up to you sometime.

    The least I can do for now is to give you a warm welcome to Stonebound and add you onto our whitelist. I hope you will enjoy your time with us, and I hope to see you around on discord or the servers!


  • @Prusias honestly this has happened to me before lol. on a counterstrike server. with steam you can change your name to anything you want at anytime. so my name was juan cena( very common name) well it caused some issues on a surf server i played a lot on and they thought i was the same juan cena that had caused problems previously. after some investigation they found out i was not the same guy lol. its all good i understand why you guys took caution and i understand why they did to. and honestly whitelisting me is more than enough tomake up for it! i really appreciate you guys taking a second look at the application and i look forward to seeing you guys on! thank you so much!

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