• Age: 23
    Country: USA
    Discovery: I had googled "Antimatter Chemistry servers" and you guys were one of the first results.
    History of bans: I was banned from two servers. The first server was an old vanilla creative server that I was an Administrator on. I was banned due to the server getting hacked and the hackers destroying the entire server as well as banning everyone. The second server I was banned on was a modded All The Mods 3:Remix server that I was moderating on and I asked the owner what plugin he used for the rankings, because a friend of mine wanted to make a private server for myself, her, and her friend. The owner told me which plugin, then later banned me because he thought I was stealing his server ideas.
    History of lying about age: Never needed to.
    Extra: I started playing Minecraft sometime prior to 1.3, playing on a hacked version of the client because I wanted to try the game out. I was playing in vanilla CSP that entire time because I liked building. I couldn't access multiplayer due to not having a legitimate account. I wound up playing for a long time until December of 2010 I was gifted an account by a close friend for my birthday. I immediately played on creative servers and it wasn't until around January of 2011 that I found modded minecraft. I was staffing on a creative server and the staff team had their own modded server, which I wound up trying out. Since then, I've played Minecraft almost every single week and I have a vast knowledge of mods new and old (R.I.P. Xycraft 😣 ) and I have played a lot of modpacks from the very obscure to the mainstream ones, but I've never really completed a pack (hopefully that changes). When the creative server from 2010-2011 disbanded, I took the group of 15 or so friends that I made there and I opened my own private modpack servers, which I kept running until May of last year, as the friend group dwindled down to just 3 players still willing to play. So since then I've really been looking for a community to call home, and to make new friends on, and I really and truly hope I can find that here in stonebound.

    P.S. : I've literally never played vanilla survival, my first survival foray was the original DW20 pack that the staff team ran. 😆

  • I see that the Antimatter Chemistry pack is kind of dead/dying now, but I'm open to trying any of the servers out!

  • Staff

    Heyo, sorry for the long wait! I added you to the whitelist.
    And yeah, probably your best bet is Academy right now, however if you chose to start on AntiChem all our server chats are linked so it isn't so lonely.
    Have fun on the server and welcome to Stonebound.

  • No worries! Thank you for the whitelist, and I'll probably still start antimatter, but good to hear the chat's server-linked. 🙂

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