• Hello,im xSampaZi and im 16 years old.Im from Argentina ubicated in south america next to Brasil.I found stonebound while i was searching for a server with the Alchemy modpack.For now i never got banned in a minecraft server,only in a garrys mod sv but my intentions here are good.
    I found minecraft when i was 8 years old,i found it with my friends and we loved it and since then i still keep playing minecraft,its a game i really love cause it lets me express myself.I like to create stuff,thats why im following Electronic modality in my high school.My favourites things to do is hang out with my friends (in real life) ,go for a ride in my bike,do Rowing and go to the gym.My favourite modpack is "Project Ozone 3"sadly my pc its a little rough running it but i dont care.
    If a word in english is wrong then please tell me,in my country we speak spanish.
    Thanks for reading!.

  • Staff

    Heya, sorry for the wait! I've added you to our whitelist.
    Your english is fine, hope you have a good time here and welcome to Stonebound.

  • ayy,thanks phit 🙂

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