• telling us about yourself as a player and why we should accept you:
    I have only been playing minecraft for so long and honestly do not know a lot about FTB. I have been playing for about two years and only know a few of the Mods within. I want a small, close-knit server with friendly players where i can play and learn new mods as well as master the few that I do know. I do not have a lot to offer to be 100% honest to whoever is reading this. I will mostly keep to myself unless I am just in dyer need of something which is not a normal issue i come into. I will however help someone if they need it and ask for it.

    age: 16
    Minecraft username: MysteryAvatar
    where you're from and how you found us: I am from South East United States!! I found Stonebound from a friend who said he is going to apply and that i should as well. I hope to see you on the server soon!
    Three sentence minimum, shorter applications will be rejected..

  • Staff

    Hello, and thank you for your interest in our server.
    Unfortunately, based on a closer look at your Minecraft player history, we don't feel you would be a good fit here.
    I hope that you understand, and I wish you the best of luck in finding a server that is suitable for you.

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