• Hi, thought id put in application to see if i could play on your pioneers server, been looking for a 1.8.9 pack for a while now and this seems the most stable out there at the moment. been playing minecraft since... ages... think 1.4.2 when mods became massive and still got the passion for it now, building, tech & magic i want it all. currently 28 years old and still relatively active on servers due to life commitments and such.
    plese consider me for your server, also why does it seem that the pioneers pack is not so popular compared to your skyblock server, anyways talk soon, will be lookin forward to hearing from you

    IGN: spunmunkey

  • Staff

    Hey Spunmunkey,

    so first of all welcome to Stonebound!
    Nice to see some interest in the 1.8.9 server, the main reason it's pretty inactive is the lack of content the mods offer and with most mods now having moved to 1.9 it's kinda outdated. We are actually still running an outdated version (Release.5) since updating would require a world reset 😞
    So it's your choice if you wanna invest some time in the server even when it might not be around for much longer or wait because we were planning on putting out a 1.9 testserver when there's a stable modpack out.
    Either way I have just whitelisted you, hope you enjoy it here!

  • out of curiosity any ballpark release date? i know its like comparing the length of a string to mod updates but any idea would be appreciated, honestly so sick of 1.7.10

  • Staff

    same here, we are on teamspeak right now planning on maybe just making our own small 1.9 pack
    if we go through with that expect a server up by next friday, if you feel like testing hop on teamspeak IP is on the main page

  • i play with a small group of 5 people, im not to into the actual modding and modpack making but my crew are mostly programmers and tech heads, weve been apart of a few mc communitys but havent yet found a community that kinda fits our needs and wants so weve been creating our own to play on, if possible i could maybe see if they could help as well as play

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