• Hi there! I go by the name of Pulse or Ez. I myself have made 21 trips so far around this big ol world of ours. I've tried playing other modpacks with all the big named mods and whatnot, they're interesting sure but i just lose my will to keep playing them to the end. Im lookin for a nice place to play and a good community to trade with, because thats all i really wanna be in these games. I want to be the trading caravan. Mainly inspired by games like westward, an older rpg game that has you in the old wild west, building a community of people to solve problems that you come across. I would like to join Life in a Village server of yalls. Welp, hopefully ya like my little application here. I really hope to join in on the fun!

    P.S. I am very fond of simple building. So thats another thing i hope to do round these parts.

  • Staff

    On hold, until further discussion via PM.

  • Ok, got what you said needed to be done did. Thankfully there was only 2 things from long ago that was indeed like you said.

  • Staff

    Sorry for the delay, added you to our whitelist now! Have fun on the server and welcome to Stonebound.