• Age: 18
    Country: Germany

    I found the server by a post in Dream's modpacks Discord by phit. I was once tempanned on a server for mentioning another server, other than that I dont remember any bans I have received.

    The main reason why I am applying for whitelist is because i want to try LITV on a server a bit and see how well it runs. I hope that isnt a problem. ^^
    I originally come from singleplayer technical minecraft and enjoy solving issues and finding interesting stuff out, which is why I decided to join a server team a few weeks ago.
    Of course i wont advertise our server when playing on yours.
    Also, I study physics, so thats kewl.

  • Staff

    Let me know how it goes :P
    We aren't too strict on talking about other communities as long as they don't offer the same things and you don't try to move people away from our server. Hell we even send people we decline for age reasons to our affiliated communities.
    Added you to the whitelist!