• Age: 15.
    Country: United States.
    How you found us: I found you from hearing about it from my friend. Big66 and I have been looking for a server that had this modpack for a while.
    History of bans/History of lying about age: I have no bans on your server and I have never lied about my age. Well I have been banned maybe once I believe, but I don't recall how long ago it was. It was so long ago I don't even know the server name I was banned from.
    A bit about myself: I enjoy minecraft as it was a big part of childhood. I played it everyday after school when I was younger. I love coding and building computers. I find myself enjoying all of the time I spend building/making computers.

  • Staff

    Thank you for your interest in our server!
    Unfortunately, we do not currently accept users under the age of 16.
    You are welcome to reapply once you meet our age requirement.
    Until then, feel free to join one of our affiliated communities that do not have a minimum age requirement:
    Tasty Node Gaming Network