Game froze, glitched through floor, suddenly dead in void...IM PISSED

  • alright so i was working on my logistics pipe sorting system (i was standing still at the time) and my game froze, and then when my game unfroze i was suddenly just dead in the void, i had no warning, and i had aboslutly no way i could have stopped it from happening and i lost over like at least 12 hours of work, it happened at around 1:35 am eastern standard time 4/7/16, is there anyway at all i can get my stuff back, i couldnt have stopped it from happening

  • Staff

    [01:42:39] [Server thread/INFO] [OpenMods/]: openblocks.common.PlayerInventoryStore.onPlayerDeath( Storing post-mortem inventory into ./world/data/inventory-portis321-2016-04-07_01.42.39-death-0.dat. It can be restored with command '/ob_inventory restore portis321 portis321-2016-04-07_01.42.39-death-0'
    [01:42:39] [Server thread/WARN] [OpenMods/]: openblocks.common.PlayerDeathHandler$GraveCallable.trySpawnGrave( No location for grave found, no grave will spawn

    ill restore you inventory as a one time favor, just ping me when you get online

  • Thank you so much, that ticked me off SK much last night, I had so much on me

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