Thermoelectric Generators - IE

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    Hello guys, I'm wanted to give some feedback on the thermoelectric generators, there is a combination of fluids that seems very underpowered. Its using Cryotheum and Pyrotheum, it gens 15 rf/t, which is the same as Water + Lava. My suggestion is that we increase that to 30rf/t (Yellorium + Ice). It feels balanced as Cryotheum and Pyrotheum are not exactly easy to come by.
    On a side note, I didn't see an easy solution like a config in the files, so it might be more trouble than its worth, but I believe we can find a way around it :3

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    There is no easy way for us to balance that and I don't think it's in our scope to do that anyways.
    According to the modauthor the temps are based on the information the mods provide, see here.

    If you think they should be rebalanced open a bug on the IE tracker.

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