• Hi all,
    Phoenixxx is the name, 34yrs of age and hailing from South Africa.

    I heard of stonebound from a friend Tokoloshy and that is also were my story starts.

    I first got into MC after a friend (Tokoloshy) purchased the game for me. My first few moments into the MC World, This is stupid, I thought until (and after running around for 10min) I made a crafting table and descovered the world of crafting. Now I was hooked. Then Toko invited me to try moded MC.... He should never have done that...
    Now I need my next fix
    P.S Love the rotating server idea.

  • Staff

    Hey Phoenixxx,

    first I must say googling your username was quiet the surprise :smirk:
    Anyway I went ahead and whitelisted you, welcome to Stonebound! See you on the server soon.

  • Thank you and looking forward to it.
    I googled myself to see why you smirking ... Quite funny LOL

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