• Hello, the name is Krixa4520 or just Kri. Im of the age of 26. I live in the US and found this place through my tiny group of friends. Them being Necro6300, LuciferNightmre, Toro_Knight and GenesisRythm. Never been banned for any reason since I care for the game enough to not wanna get banned. My fav mod is Thaumcraft. I absolutely love creating buildings and having fun with lots of magic work in thaum or eve botany or blood magic. I adore my two dogs n duo cats who are all so dorky in their own ways. I normally play video games, draw, embroidery or even stream as hobbies. I've recently moved so I won't have net for at least 3 more days but I do plan to play a lot once connected. I hope to join such a large n awesome community here.

  • YAY KRIIII can't wait to play hopefully with ya!

  • @genesisrythm Definitely will be excited to play wif ya!

  • I've known this chick since before we started playing minecraft together. She's brilliant and would be an amazing addition to this server, if you'll have her.
    Much appreciation,

  • Staff

    Hey sorry totally missed this one, we were sure we got them all..
    Sorry for the wait, added you to the whitelist now. Welcome to Stonebound!

  • Thank you. I understand when you get so many applications that you can miss one. Thank you for allowing me to join. .... Once i have net in the next 24 hours. XD

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