• Age: 17
    Minecraft username : Bamorekus
    Current Country : Poland
    I found you thanks to my friend Mik3l24 ,I have been also lying about my age for a simple but very serious reason : privacy
    I have never been banned or warned about a ban in my history of playing. My English is on a decent level both in writing or speaking. I have started playing Minecraft all the way from Beta 1.8 , it was a hit in my school , everyone played it !
    I am preety bad at pvp but i sure do like to build in Minecraft , I also like parkour courses .I think my favourite mods are thoose simple , but creative ones like Biosphere.
    I am also a very kind person and im good at making friends with new people.
    About things i like to do in real life : I like playing board games ,especially with a larger group of people or drawing where i let my imagination spill itself out .I think my biggest hobby is complex Biology , i just love learning about all of the diffrent organisms and DNA mechanics. I am also really good at playing chess. .Im also keen to: chemistry ,arts , books and culture. I hope you find my application acceptable ,I'll have fun playing with other mature players and friends on the server !

  • Hello : )
    I hope we'll be able to play together.

  • Staff

    Hey sorry for the wait, added you to our whitelist. Have fun playing and welcome to Stonebound.

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