• Hey whats up my name is Trevor and i'm from Kokomo, Indiana USA. I've been searching for a stable modded minecraft community to join for many years, basically since I started playing modded minecraft 4 years ago with FTB Unleashed, I found this server because I was looking for something just like it and decided to create an application. I'm 16 years old and started playing minecraft around 6 years ago, Minecraft has been my favorite game ever since I probably have 3000h in modded minecraft alone. I have no idea what my vanilla hours would look like but, I have my dignity so I'll just refuse to think about it. I've been banned in the past mostly for being an overly obnoxious emo kid in my early years of playing, but that era passed long ago I got the hair out of my face and stop listening to my chemical romance. Since then I haven't had any problems with any server owners or staff Its mostly just been server hopping because one day the owner decides to shut down. My favorite mod has to be Thaumcraft and the OG ic2. Funny enough when I first started modded minecraft my least favorite mod was Thaumcraft because I hated the wisps that would destroy me due to the fact that theyre fast and PVE with a trackpad on a laptop that runs modded minecraft at a smooth 20fps is really really hard. It wasnet until I watched a mod spotlight by Direwolf on thaumcraft and I learned you could remove the aura impurities that cause the wisps that I got into the mod. Well thanks for reading my application if you do hope you consider me as someone you would want to have in your community and I hope you have a nice day and thank you for your time.

  • Staff

    Hello, and thank you for your interest in our server.
    Unfortunately, we have decided to decline your application.
    I wish you the best of luck in finding a server that is suitable for you.

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