• Hi guys, This is Kamoulooxxx, 27, french science teacher.

    I play MC since a decade :P and played many modpack in the Isolonice community. Isolonice was a great french minecraft community witch unfortunatly shutdown on 09/30/2018.

    With 2 of my friend, we wish to join your community because (and only minecraft player can understand that...) we miss digging and digging :P ! They will apply soon i think.

    I really enjoyed the pneumaticraft mod because it can be a brain teaser sometimes. I used to play skyblock but now it is the Stoneblock modpack witch retain my attention.

    I was never banned from servers because i'm a calm and nice player, i like to help ingame.

    Aside from that i'm a handball player and currently injured at my right elbow.

    Hope my english is correct :P !

    Best regards,

  • Staff

    Heyo, thank you for your interest and sorry for the long wait!
    I added you to our whitelist now, welcome to Stonebound and have fun playing ;)

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