• Oh boy writing these are fun. x.x
    TLDR version
    username: bombitmanbomb
    from United States
    Found through the public server list then looked up your site.
    I think i have one or two bans but minecraft was still in Beta at the time (long long ago)
    Age: 20
    Have staffed/moderated on 3 networks

    With the important stuff out of the way i guess a look into more of who I am.
    I'm a 20 year old programmer and musician from the united states.
    I Love tech mods but recently have been getting into magic mods like BloodMagic and Thaumcraft
    My favorite mod ever is probably Computercraft though i'm learning open computers now. Love redstone. Oldschool no pistons or nothin. comparaters are nice for base 16 tho.
    I tend to go over the top when i do something. Why have a pipe when you can launch the item with a cannon lol. I just like to try doing things differently every time i play.
    Have a tendency to be too trusting of others and getting screwed over. Usually end up basing with the server owners or staff. I don't know how i do it either lol it just happens
    I'm a very charismatic individual and love doing/building things that give people a reason to come together and love friendly communities.
    At somepoint i will be playing with noteblocks probably.

    Am a quirky individual and think differently so expect me to approach situations in strange and not always the best ways.
    Tend to lend a hand when people come across an issue. Like problem solving.
    Haven't played your servers yet but already enjoy talking with users on the discord. I look forward to playing with you guys .

  • Staff

    Nice chatting with your on Discord, wasn't that long :P
    Have fun on the server, see you ingame soon.

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