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    I am almost 15 years old, about 1 month away from being 15, and I want to play stoneblock. I live in the New England area, United States (not to be too specific). I was watching Iskall's youtube series of Stoneblock and I decided I wanted to play the modpack. I found you by searching for stoneblock servers and I am happy that I found this community. I have played modded for a very long time and on several other modpacks such as Sky Factory 2.5 and 3, Project Ozone 2, Mindcrack, FTB Infinity, Foolcraft, etc ( too many to name them all ). My favorite mod is probably Thermal Expansion and I enjoy building automated systems and making bases look nice (makes it look cooler). In real life, I enjoy playing sports, surfing, and obviously playing video games. I enjoy playing with people and I have never been banned from a server for griefing or trolling or stealing. I know the minimum age for application is 16 but I mean I have a lot of experience and I feel as though I would fit into the server. I am eager to play this modpack and join your community and I hope you accept me. Thanks.


  • Staff

    Thank you for your interest in our server!
    Unfortunately, we do not currently accept users under the age of 16.
    You are welcome to reapply once you meet our age requirement.
    Until then, feel free to join one of our affiliated communities that do not have a minimum age requirement:
    Tasty Node Gaming Network

  • @phit Alright! Thank you for the chance at least. I will probably end up forgetting about the modpack in 2 years but I do not know. Your community sounds amazing though. Thank you for the chance though!

    • Maskedbuilder1

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