• Hello,

    I am Curator_Helix, I am 23, live in the US, have no history of bans, and love the direwolf20 modpack. Apparently I knew about this community a long time ago, since I received an email about the stoneblock server opening, though I was surprised to find that I had never gone through the process of getting white listed. I used to run a medium sized MC server called Antiquitycraft, which has been closed for about 3-4 years, but those were some of my best memories gaming. I plan on spending the majority of my time playing on the Stoneblock server, but may venture into other servers as they open, or as I get bored of the current ones I play.

    Looking forward to playing with you guys!

  • Staff

    Hey, welp its never too late, cool to see that our emails are useful!
    Added you to the whitelist, enjoy playing and I'll see you on the server.

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