• Revlis_'s Application:

    Age: 18

    Name: Harry
    IGN: 'Revlis_', I don't really mind if people call me either.

    Location: United Kingdom. GMT

    How did I find this server?:
    Played here awhile back a couple times. Was subbed to the newsletter and saw an advert for the new stone-block server.

    Banned experience:

    Previous Experience:
    Played minecraft since alpha, it's something I always seem to come back to for stress relief and killing time. I'm experienced in almost every manner, from building to anything technical. Only really struggle with ultra late game mods and any newer ones (Embers, Psi etc)

    About Me:
    Names Harry, 18, currently living in the Uk. I'm a pretty busy guy with work and other activities. I rock-climb weekly and recently taken up golf. I work from around 5am - 3pm, so that leaves a decent time to play in the afternoon alongside weekends. I like getting involved in group/server projects. Quirky kinda guy, hate following the normal road, and if a pack has open block item cannons, I instantly get giddy.

    Hope to see you guys on the server later!

  • Staff

    you are still on the whitelist, have fun playing!

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