StoneBlock Server Opening

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    We are excited to announce our next server, StoneBlock, a recently created Modpack with a lot of content, including quests and a whole new environment! It's basically the opposite of SkyBlock; instead of an empty world, it's set underground in a world completely out of stone. You start in a cave with very little equipment, but it will be all you need to start building up a subterranean base and work your way up the ladder of progression.

    You can download the pack from the Twitch Launcher. Just search for StoneBlock in the modpack section.

    The server will open Friday, October 5th, around 6pm UTC (click here for your timezone)

    Server Address:

    We look forward to seeing you on the server!

  • Sounds fun! Will most deffinatley be giving this a go, just in time too as I got this weekend off work! See you guys there =D

  • Neat! Stoneblock was one modpack I suggested long time ago, let's see how this one goes at the end.

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    I'm wondering how:

    1. spawn will work, its not like you can just walk 1k block away and start your base. im guessing it spawn us apart?

    2. how teams will work, this depends on the answer to 1. how do we get to each other?

    3. I would like to propose and run a large network of minecarts to link everyones base. Please let me know if you are interested.

  • @kelinni Was thinking about the logistics of this myself a few days ago. If you can put in the work to do it, I would absolutely love a unified metro between us all. I think all tracks should converge in a central cavern so we can have a meeting spot in case we want to trade. Either that or I also thought about making a global post office w/ forestry that we could make trading posts and catalogs for.

  • Is this modpack tied to the Twitch Launcher?

    I'm on Linux and I'm pretty sure the Twitch Launcher is Windows only.

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    1. same way as skyblock, you can make an island (cave) with /island create
    2. to add someone to your team /island invite playerpeople can visit your island using /tpa
    3. sure, shouldn't be too bad, though every cave is 1000 blocks away from the next one laid out in a grid pattern

    @Kulawend there is multiple ways to play Twitch launcher packs on Linux, I can personally recommend using MultiMC:

    Otherwise there's tools like to download the pack and use it in whatever launcher you prefer!

  • Do we know what is and isn't going to be banned on the server right off the bat?, also what're the server rules going to be, just the general DBAD?.

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    PSA: jei keybinds for recipie search are goobered by default. you will need to rebind "r" function /endPsa

  • Hey Guys!
    I would really like to join the server. How do I do that?