• Hello,

    I'm 27, been playing modded Minecraft for about 3 years now. I've done just about everything from owning my own server to being a complete noob.
    My very first modded pack was actually YogsCast Complete Pack for 1.6.4. I found you guys through Reddit. I've been looking for a new skyblock pack to play so when I heard of this one I naturally wanted to find a server, and honestly all the best whitelist servers are on Reddit. I've never felt like I completed or got to the end game of a skyblock type of pack so I really would love to join you guys/girls. My Favorite mod to date is a tie between Ender IO and Blood Magic, Extra Utilities comes in a very close 3rd. Oh and I'm from Michigan, USA. I'm also severing in the United States Navy.

    That is just a bit about myself but I'm a very helpful player that doesn't mind helping out a community when I can. Thanks for reading through my application and hope to see you all in game 😄

  • Staff

    Hey AwesomeGar,

    I just went ahead and whitelisted you, welcome to Stonebound. Good luck getting to endgame in this pack 😛
    See you on the server!

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