• Age: 31
    Country: Germany
    How I found you: Google
    Except for a few times of lying about my age while visiting the cinema 15 years ago i dont think that was ever neccesary. Internet was usally full of people that accepted me despite me being younger, when i was underage. But that is also 15+ years ago... so its not like i can really remember that anyway.
    I dont think i have any history of bans so far, usally i left servers because i was griefed so i know how shitty that feels.

    My introduction into Minecraft was by a friend who told me about the game, it was before the redstone update and we playd with a few friends on a small server. After that i started casually playing the game for a few hours per day.
    My favourite mod in Minecraft is probably everything that allows for Automatication, iam not much of an explorer ingame and more of a builder. So i guess most of the Thermal and Ender IO.

    Besides Minecraft iam an avid Pen and Paper and Tabletop player and also terrain designer for both. I create battlemaps for pen and paper and build terrain IRL for tabletops.

  • Staff

    Heyo, thank you for your interest!
    Saw some of your maps on Deviantart looks interesting, with IRL maps do you mean like sculptures, etc? That sounds really fun!
    Anyway, I've added you to our whitelist. Welcome to Stonebound and enjoy playing on our servers.

  • Yeah my deviant art is really outdated by now, uploading alot of images to deviant art is just horrible to do. As for IRL stuff google for terrain tutor or check on youtube. I usally copy his stuff.

  • Staff

    @moepsii said in Moepsii:

    terrain tutor

    awesome, just learned this is a thing recently through this video
    reminds me a lot of the terrain building I did when I was younger for the model train set my neighbor had

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