I was tp'd outside of the world and suffocated

  • Someone gave me a bow and some bee armor with many enchantments so it might explain the weird position I was put in. I have a house near a large wall with moving blue lines, which I assume is the end of the world x: 1771 z: 5061 y: 76. A zombie attempted to break into my house by knocking on my door. I shot my bow at him the moment the server lagged, and what I assume is the case, one of the arrows hit me and teleported me to a village x: 1678 z:5209 y: 71 near my house but beyond the world's end wall. I live underground so I assume it looked for the best spot to put me and that was it. I then 'suffocated in a wall' and died, and I lost all my important gear. I can't get it back, however because my grave is beyond the wall which I can't go through. I wish this was a joke, and I'm sorry to cause such a hassle but I don't know what to do to get my stuff back.

  • Staff

    I'll restore it, please read server chat!

  • Thank you very much

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