• Hi there, I'm Jon. I'm 32 and live in the US (West Coast), and have been playing Minecraft since before jungles were in the game. I've been playing modded Minecraft on and off for the last few years, usually on small multiplayer servers with a few friends. Found Stonebound on a list of public servers, and it sounded like a good place to try out a broader server experience. Never been banned or lied about my age or anything, but again I've mostly stuck to tiny friends-only servers.

    I work and go to school, so sadly don't usually have a ton of free time, but I do like hopping onto Minecraft to dig holes and build things when I have some time to kill, and playing with other folks to see what they've accomplished is always more fun than soloing it. Favorite mods include Tinker's Construct and Immersive Engineering, and other hobbies/interests include board games, hiking, and watching bad movies.

    Thank you!

  • Staff

    Heyo, thank you for your interest!
    I hope it will be a good first experience, I added you to our whitelist. Welcome to Stonebound and have fun playing on our servers.

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