• Age: 17
    Country: UK
    How I Found You: A friend, SingingPhantom (currently Nenenzinho), told me about this server. He is a friend of silentluke who I met a few years ago on another modpack.
    Bans: I have had one 4 hour ban on Mineplex (a public Vanilla server) on 25/5/2016 (DD/MM/YYYY) for cross-teaming in Survival Games. I have never lied about my age.

    I like modpacks because of the massive amount of content they add, along with how much you can customise the theme of the game. SevTech appeals to me through its difficulty and many goals while it still keeps a degree of sandbox to it. Galacticraft is my favourite mod as it gives you a huge goal to work to, and then opens up new worlds for you to explore and discover.

    My main hobby is gaming, although I have a huge interest in art which I hope to eventually develop into a skill. Coding is also interesting to me but it's more of a side thing which I might get into (if I ever get some damn quiet).

    Sometimes I can be quiet but I actively like to help people, whether it's in-game or general life.

    Edit: Have never lied about my age
    Edit 2: Corrected ban history

  • Staff

    Heyo, sorry for the long wait!
    Enjoy playing with your friends and make sure to read the packs discord channel before you get started ;)
    Added to the whitelist and welcome to Stonebound.

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