• Hi, my Minecraft username is Nenenzinho (Originally SingingPhantom, but due to some unfortunate circumstances I got put with that name..),
    I'm currently 16 years old and am from Canada.
    I found you guys through a friend called Silentluke, who recommended me to join your community. I was playing Sevtech Ages with another friend called LosingGrip. I managed to reach age 3, but due to the excessive lag on that server caused by twilight forest (which wasn't restricted in any way, and for some reason the people in overworld were the only ones to suffer) I decided today to finally take up on silentluke's offer, same for my friend LosingGrip. As far as I know, I've been banned on one server a couple of years ago(Not from a private community though, on a public one) due to duping (I was rather immature then, it was an EMC glitch). Up until I think Mid 2017 I was on a private community called RubixMC, but the host of said servers had to close due to financial reasons I believe.

    I took a break from modded and stopped playing it ever since 1.9 came out, although recently when I saw some person talking about Sevtech Ages and its forced progression, I felt like "eh why the heck not" and decided to get back into it. Although not in Sevtech my favorite mod is thaumcraft.

    I had an idea a while back to make a forced progression mod pack similar to Sevtech but never got around in making it (I have made a private mod pack before, which of course had a lot of thaumcraft expansions), so seeing such a pack really struck the right chords in me.

    It'd be really appreciated if I could join this community, as it would probably give me an experience that I've been missing now, so yeah thank you for your time.

    Edit: After searching for a bit I found that in 2015 for my application for RubixMC I said that my age was 16 years old, when I was, well, 13. I hope that despite this mistake you'll accept my application!

  • Staff

    Heyo, first sorry for the wait, summer and all lots of us are busy!
    Thank you for your lengthy app and honesty. Our servers should hopefully be more stable and if not always feel free to reach out :) Hope you have a good time on our servers and welcome Stonebound.